Lake Point Condominiums

Beginning 4/5/22, the service day will change from Fridays to Tuesdays. Your recycling week will stay the same. New collection calendars are available.

For questions regarding your service, contact us below or call 608-257-4285.

We are happy to be serving the Lake Point Condominiums with our automated system for the collection of your trash and all-in-one recycling!

Important Documents & Links

Refuse & Recycling Collection Calendar

FAQs for the Lake Point Condominiums


If it is a small amount of extra trash you may want to consider waiting until the following week to have it picked up in your cart. If you have an occasional extra bag of trash, please call us for pricing.

Any additional carts will be available for an annual fee. However, we would urge you to make sure that you are recycling as much of your material as possible.