CNG Press Release

Pellitteri Leads By Example on Recycling

After more than 60 years in business, the folks at Pellitteri Waste Systems know a thing or two about hauling trash and recycling.

That is why they are investing in refuse trucks that can not only haul garbage to the refuse site, but can also fill their tanks with gas created by the garbage itself.

If that sounds like a perpetual motion machine – and a very sweet deal – you’d be right.

And that is what the folks at Pellitteri expect to do with the four compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks they have recently added to their fleet.

They got their first CNG refuse truck about a year ago and its success has encouraged them to add three more to be ready to participate in the program at the Dane County Landfill where the gas given off from the landfill trash is converted into truck fuel.

The program is underway, but it produces only enough fuel to power a couple trucks a week and Pellitteri hopes it will expand in the future so they can participate with their CNG trucks and their distinctive orange forks.

With CNG prices running at about half the price of diesel, the decision also makes good sense economically as well as environmentally. The lower exhaust emissions, quieter running engines, and better gas mileage are further benefits, said Tim Pellitteri, co-owner of the company.

Pellitteri's decision also helps the Wisconsin economy because they bought them from Bruce Municipal Equipment in Menomonee Falls where he has bought many of the trucks in his fleet of 70.

“This is just part of our attempt to help lead the way in recycling and other cost-effective waste recovery systems and solutions,” said Pellitteri. “We like to lead by our own company’s example.”


About Pellitteri Waste Systems

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