Safely Managing the Disposal of Rechargeable Batteries: A Call for Public Awareness and Policy Action

Rechargeable (lithium) batteries cannot be disposed of in the trash or recycling because they pose a significant risk to combust and cause fires. In fact, they have been linked to several recent fires. 

Your Waste Removal Services COVID-19 Update

During illness outbreaks, it is vital that trash and recycling collection continue for the public's health and safety. Here's our plan and what you can do to help.

Safety John Reports - Are You Driving With

The Wisconsin State Patrol estimates that drivers who do not clear their entire windshield of ice, snow and fog limit their field of vision to only about 2 to 3 percent of what a driver with a clear windshield can see.

Recycling - Contamination Concerns

As your local service provider and the recycling sorting facility operator, it is our job to help keep the trash out of the recycling stream and thus keep our local recycling systems strong. Contamination rates at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF), where your recyclables are sorted, are increasing.

CNG Press Release

They are investing in refuse trucks that can not only haul garbage to the refuse site, but can also fill their tanks with gas created by the garbage itself.  If that sounds like a perpetual motion machine – and a very sweet deal – you’d be right.  And that is what the folks at Pellitteri expect to do with the four compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks they have recently added to their fleet.