Recycling Tip Videos

Rechargeable Batteries

Do not put rechargeable batteries in your trash or recycling cart. You can start a fire.

Pots and Pans

Small pots, pans and metal bakeware can go in your recycling cart.

Small Metal Fixtures

Garbage disposals, small motors, keys, and sections of pipe can be recycled as long as they are smaller than a basketball.

Tubs and Lids

Rinse out any residue and keep lids on when recycling plastic tubs. Lids will get recycled right with the container.

Takeout Cups

Empty out all liquids, remove lids and straws and put those in the trash. The cup can go in the recycling cart.

Small Appliances

Appliances need to be smaller than a basketball and have a non-detachable cord attached. If an appliance has a battery in it, do NOT put it in the trash or recycling bin. You could start a fire.

Spiral Notebooks

You can put spiral notebooks in your recycling cart, and you don’t have to remove the metal spiral binding. Just be sure you can tear the cover.

Shipping Envelopes

Conduct the “tear test” to see if an envelope can be recycled. Watch out for envelopes lined with bubble wrap or plastic. If you can’t tear it, put it in the trash.

Aluminum Foil

Ball up the foil so it is in a three-dimensional shape and can get sorted properly. If foil will not stay balled up, it should go in the trash.

Paper Cup Recycling Tips

You can now recycle your paper cups. Please be sure they are clean and empty, throw the straw and lid in the trash. Remove cardboard sleeves and place them in the recycling separately.

Helpful Recycling Tips

Diapers are never recyclable, always toss diapers in the trash. We cannot recycle batteries, they start fires in our vehicles and facilities. Always empty all liquids from your plastic bottles before recycling them.

Recycle More! Take Out Cups & Containers

You can now recycle even more, please make sure items are clean and empty. Some items may be too messy to recycle, when in doubt – throw it out.

Are Electronics Recyclable?

Yes, but they cannot be put in your recycling cart or recycling dumpster as they need to be brought to specific locations to be recycled.

Are Batteries and Propane Tanks Recyclable?

We cannot recycle batteries or propane tanks at our facility. Lithium ion batteries and propane tanks can cause sparks that will start fires in our vehicles and our facility.

You're Recycling Wrong!

Cardboard boxes are ready for recycling when they are empty, dry, clean, and flat. Dirty frozen-food containers and dirty take-out boxes are not recyclable. If you place your recycling in bags, remember to use clear or transparent bags only.


Empty and put the caps back on juice cartons and other TetraPak packaging items for recycling.

What Happens To My Recycling

Items are sorted and shipped to manufacturers locally or in the Midwest to make new products.

Do We Actually Recycle Your Recyclables

Yes, absolutely. We use specialized state-of-the-art machinery and employees that sort clean recyclables so they can be recycled into new products. (We need your help keeping recycling clean and free from contaminates.)

To Bag or Not to Bag

Use only clear plastic bags if you choose to bag your items. Items in black or non-see-through bags will not be recycled.

Wine Bottles

Remove the aluminum foil and tops from wine bottles before recycling.

Glass Tips

Empty and clean glass bottles and jars. Leaving lids and labels on is acceptable, but don’t include products such as Pyrex, ceramics, or windows as these are not recyclable and will contaminate good glass.

Tin Can Prep

Empty and rinse the can, then place the lid inside of it and squeeze the top shut. Loose lids in the recycling will not sort properly and will contaminate other products.

Plastic Bottle Prep

Keep lids and labels on bottles, but empty and rinse off any liquids or food, including water.

Water Contamination

Water and moisture on paper and cardboard affect the recycling process and can prevent them from being recycled. Empty all liquids from items and keep the lid on your cart closed to prevent water and snow.

Online Shopping Boxes

Remove all plastic and Styrofoam, including packing peanuts, and flatten the boxes. Do not place other recyclables in boxes.

Shredded Paper

Place in clear plastic bags no larger than a basketball.

Aluminum Can

Empty the can, but don’t crush or flatten it.

Close Lids

Keep rain and snow from entering your cart or dumpster to prevent the recyclables from getting wet and causing them to be contaminated and non-recyclable.


Electronics are not accepted in our system and they can cause dangerous fires at the recycling center. They must be taken to different facilities.

Pizza Box

The clean portion can be recycled but rip off the parts with grease and food and place in the trash.

Plastic Contamination

Remove any non-recyclable materials, like plastic wrap or tape on boxes which are attached to good recyclables.

Food Contamination

Thoroughly empty and rinse any food or food residue from containers.

Small Paper Pieces

Put small pieces of paper in a clear bag and tie it shut. The bag must be smaller than a basketball.


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