Compactors for Madison Area and Southern Wisconsin

Our compactor systems provide volume reduction, storage, and efficient transportation of the discarded material.

About Our Compactors

We can also achieve a high degree of security, automation, and enhance aesthetic qualities of our customers' facilities. Pellitteri provides complete compactor service including design, installation, trade-in allowance, maintenance and rental options.

Whether for recycling, waste disposal, or material recovery, Pellitteri utilizes an innovative systems approach and provides the right size equipment and service to get the job done. Customization of services differentiates Pellitteri's from the companies that plug the customer into their ''assembly line'' methods.

    Custom Shop Compactors

    • A strategically placed solid waste compacting system can be designed specifically to meet your individual standards and community commitments.
    • We design a waste system that will enhance your on-site housekeeping measures, provide maximum security and will present a positive outward appearance to your facility.
    • Our systems are fully automatic and safe to operate. We meet all OSHA and ANSI requirements.
    • We professionally maintain our compacting units with comprehensive preventative maintenance performed by factory certified technicians and back this up with seven day a week, 24 hour emergency repair services and a fully equipped repair van.
    • Because of our size, we can customize our schedule to meet your needs and can respond to changes quicker - giving you personalized service.
    • We will service you the same day when we're called by 10am.
    • We can sell, rent or lease-to-own these units to fit any fiscal plan.

    Compactors Gallery