Residential Shredding

On-Site Confidential Document Shredding for Madison Area and Southern Wisconsin

Protect Your Personal Identity

We offer on-site confidential data destruction & document shredding services. We are AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction, which is the highest level of security available! Additionally, we also boast the quickest on-Site technology in the Greater Madison Area and throughout Southern Wisconsin. One-time purges and ongoing services for all paper document shredding are available.

Let us show you how our confidential destruction service will provide you with easy-to-use, convenient, and economical protection along with the certified highest level of security.

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On-Site Confidential Paper Shredding

Our Scheduled Service gives our customers the convenience of not having to call when their cart or cabinets are full, scheduled service needs to be within an 8-week time frame or less. Our certification process provides a Certificate of Destruction after every on-site confidential data destruction service which is issued upon completion of each visit.

Annual purge jobs are our specialty! A Pellitteri Data Destruction company representative will come to your location at no charge to give you an estimate for your annual purge job needs. Whether you have 10, 100 or 500 boxes, we will shred all material on-site at your home. 

What to Shred

  • Personal Information
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Medical Records
  • Credit Applications
  • Payroll Information
  • Personal Information
  • Anything with a name & address, name & account number or name & social security number should be destroyed

See this list of acceptable materials for shredding. 

Please call us at (608) 257-4285 to schedule an on-site analysis with our Data Destruction Professionals!

Confidential Paper Shredding Equipment

Cabinets and carts are the standard equipment used in the Data Destruction Industry. We offer a Master combination lock for your carts and you will be the only one with the combination.

  • 65 Gallon Carts: 42" high, 2ft x 2ft footprint
  • Small Cabinet Dimensions: 27" high, 19" wide, 19" in depth
  • Large Cabinet Dimensions: 36" high, 20" wide, 20" in depth

Don't be a Statistic!

Changes in government regulations concerning the disposal of confidential documents have created a desire by many people to review and/or change their current methods of document disposal.

  • Your trash is considered the single most available source of competitive and sensitive private information.
  • The Supreme Court has deemed garbage as fair game or public domain and is legally available to anyone.
  • An estimated 16.7 million Americans were victims of identity theft last year. In addition, nearly 1 in 3 Americans were notified of a data breach in 2017, a significant jump from 1 in 8 in 2016.

AAA Certified By NAID

Pellitteri Waste Systems is proud to be the first Wisconsin data destruction service provider certified by the National Association For Information Destruction. The NAID Certification Program establishes the standards for a secure destruction process
including oversight with:

  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Employee Hiring & Screening
  • Yearly Re-Certification & Audits
  • Operational Destruction Process

What's the right solution for me?

FAQ'S for Confidential Paper Shredding Services


Yes, we will park at the end of your driveway and wheel a 65 gallon cart up to your garage where we would ask you have the material stored and ready for shredding.