Tunnel vision occurs when a driver scrapes off only a small area of ice or snow on their vehicle windshield to allow just enough space to see through a small hole as they drive. This practice significantly reduces a driver’s field of vision and greatly increases their risk of collision. The Wisconsin State Patrol estimates that drivers who do not clear their entire windshield of ice, snow and fog limit their field of vision to only about 2 to 3 percent of what a driver with a clear windshield can see.

In a recent survey conducted by the Center for Safe Driving found that more than 50 percent of drivers admitted to not fully clearing snow or ice from the windows of their vehicles. As a countermeasure, many states have enacted laws requiring drivers to make reasonable efforts to remove snow or ice from their vehicles, and numerous law enforcement personnel across the country are planning to target drivers who do not clear their windshields this winter.  

Another dangerous situation that can exist is when chunks of snow or ice fly off the top of your vehicle and land on vehicles driving behind you. These chunks can be quite heavy and become dangerous projectiles that can cause crashes, injuries, and deaths. 

As part of your daily routine, please make sure that your vehicles windshield, side windows and mirrors are clear of any snow, ice or fog before starting your daily trip. Our drivers and service professionals are in and out of their vehicles all day long, even during cold and snowy conditions, please make sure you can see  them.

John Schueler 
Safety Manager
Pellitteri Waste Systems