As we continue to provide all essential waste removal and recycling collection/processing services we want to take a moment to update you on our COVID-19 planning. We have been monitoring the situation closely and have implemented the necessary measures to protect the health of our employees and customers, as well as the community, so we can continue to provide waste removal collection throughout Southern Wisconsin. Waste removal is vital to the health and safety of the public.

  • The Dane County Landfill & Kipp Street Station MRF- A Division of Pellitteri Waste Systems- will remain open and accepting materials.  Your waste removal services will continue. 
  • Collection times may be altered and/or extended, especially in the residential division. With so many residents working from home and/or taking care of children, the trash and recycling volumes have increased tremendously. This requires additional trips to the facilities where the material is dumped, resulting in later service times within the communities. 
  • Many internal precautions have been taken to limit exposure of our workers and follow the CDC guidelines while we continue to provide service in the community.
  • Our phones will continue to be answered as normal at this time.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions: (608) 257-4285 or
  • Our corporate headquarters and facilities are closed to the public until further notice. Our customer service and outside sales teams will work via phone and email to take care of customer needs.
  • Please do not approach route drivers; they have been instructed to follow the social distancing guidelines provided by the CDC and maintain 6 feet of separation at all times. Service times may fluctuate.
  • Please make sure to bag your trash securely prior to placing it in your dumpsters, carts, or compactors. (If you bag your recycling, please use clear plastic bags.)

We are grateful for the efforts everyone in our community is making to stay safe & healthy.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take any necessary actions to help keep our employees and customers safe, while providing the important service of removing waste throughout the community.

Update: January 4th, 2021

  • Village of Waunakee Bag Tag Program: 
    While Village Hall is closed, no bag tag stickers will be sold. If you have extra bags of trash and do not have any stickers, please call Pellitteri Waste Systems at 608-257-4285 to schedule and pay for extra bags (one day in advance). Click here for pricing and instructions.