Long Driveways:

An automated cart system is the most cost-effective method of curbside collection. Not only is it the most efficient, but also keeps costs down by being the safest.

The carts feature hinged lids to keep trash inside, and fixed axle wheels to make hauling them to the curb a lot less work than before. They can also reduce odor, keep things from blowing around, and discourage animals.

Long driveways are a challenge in many communities. Here are a few recommendations that residents have found to be helpful if your vehicle is not big enough to put the carts in: 

We understand that the automated service may not be convenient for those with long driveways. However, most trash/recycling hauling companies do not offer manual pickup anymore due to the dangerous nature of that type of service. Safe work environments for us helps keep the cost of the curbside services for the residents down in years to come.

Thank you for your understanding!