Hazardous Material and Special Waste

Prohibited Material and How to Dispose of Them

Prohibited Material

Specific items are banned from the landfill because of concerns about their toxicity or handling needs. Recyclable items are prohibited to encourage recycling and to preserve our world's raw materials. Chemicals, hazardous and toxic waste require special disposal methods to prevent environmental damage. Whatever the reason, the prohibited items listed below require special handling and alternative disposal methods. County and State governments may enforce these. The alternative options listed below are not all-inclusive. We also recommend calling them before taking your materials to be sure that programs haven't changed. 

Metal drums are prohibited from the landfill, cannot be mixed with any trash and must be hauled separately. All Metal Recycling Inc. (608-255-0960) may accept drums if at least one end is removed, has been thoroughly washed and rinsed and all labels removed. Alter Metals (608-241-1571) may accept drums if both ends are removed and you present certification that they have been triple rinsed. Call first to for current policies.

Do NOT put propane tanks or cylinders in your containers. They will start fires. Many county clean sweep programs will take full or partially full small (1 lb) cylinder propane tanks from residential households; call for commercial options. For larger propane tanks, a metal recycler may take them if drained, valves off, and depressurized. Call first to confirm.