Village of Shorewood Hills

For questions regarding your service, contact us below or call 608-257-4285.

We are happy to be serving the Village of Shorewood Hills with our automated system for the collection of your trash and all-in-one recycling!

  • The Village of Shorewood Hills is serviced on Mondays.
  • Refuse is collected every week and recycling is collected biweekly.

Important Documents & Links

Refuse & Recycling Collection Calendar

FAQs for the Village of Shorewood Hills


The standard size carts in the Village of Shorewood Hills are the 95-gallon trash (dark brown) cart and 65-gallon recycling (blue) cart. You may change the size of your cart by visiting the Shorewood Hills Village Hall and filling out the request to change order form. They are located at 810 Shorewood Boulevard.

The automated collection program is not intended to provide this type of service. You have several options. For our company options you can call us at (608) 257-4285 for a phone quotation for one of our temporary dumpsters or click here for more information. It is best to arrange for this type of dumpster service prior to beginning the work. Also, check to see if we are running any special pricing or coupons in your area.