Village of Windsor

General reminder:
Please remember that the lids on your carts should be shut. Please do not overload the carts. This is necessary for several reasons, including to help reduce windblown litter, a safety precaution (drivers needing to exit the truck to clean up if material spills out while attempting to dump it), and contents need to fit into the opening in the truck where the materials are dumped.
Oversized cardboard should be cut down to fit into the cart with the lid shut, or you can utilize the Windsor Recycling Center, or you can call us in advance to schedule additional bags to be picked up. (Recycling must be in clear plastic bags, no larger than 32-gallons and no heavier than 50 pounds.) Thank you!

View the map to see your pickup day. Collection calendars are available below.  

For questions regarding your service, contact us below or call 608-257-4285.

FAQs for the Village of Windsor


The standard cart size is a 95-gallon trash cart (brown) and a 95-gallon recycling cart (blue). 65-gallon trash and 65-gallon recycling carts are available. There may be an additional exchange fee required to change your cart size(s). For information on changing cart sizes please call us at (608) 257-4285.

The automated collection program is not intended to provide this type of service. Please see our temporary dumpster page on our website for more information. We offer 6, 12, 20 and 30 cubic yard containers to meet your needs. We recommend calling us prior to the start of your clean-out to set things up.