Town of Oregon

In July of 2023, Pellitteri Waste Systems will begin collecting trash and recycling curbside for all residents!

  • The carts are coming! Carts will be delivered over the course of 2 weeks from 6/19/23-6/30/23. If you have not received your carts by 6/28/23, please contact us so we can verify your address is on our list.
  • We may be able to provide service early in some areas for a monthly charge paid directly. Please call or contact us online with your address and we'd be happy to check on it and get you a quote.
  • Residents that already have our service: You will keep the containers you currently have. You will receive one more charge from Pellitteri Waste Systems in July to cover services in June. Then it will change over to being billed on the taxes. Your collection day or recycling week may change in July. Please refer to the map below and collection calendars. Thank you for your business!
  • Long driveways can pose a challenge with automated service. Please click here for some suggestions to help get your carts to the roadside. There are many benefits to the automated system, especially for safety and cost savings to residents. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the automated system.
  • Assistance for disabled residents is available, depending on the length of the driveway. We may have some other options or ideas based on the scenario. Please contact us with your address for more information.
  • View the map to see your pickup day. Collection calendars are available below. 
  • Please see the Town of Oregon's website for more details now.

For questions regarding your service, contact us below or call 608-257-4285.


Important Documents & Links

Refuse & Recycling Collection Calendar 

FAQs for the Town of Oregon


The standard cart size is a 95-gallon trash cart (brown) and a 95-gallon recycling cart (blue). 65-gallon trash and 65-gallon recycling carts are available. There may be an exchange fee to change your cart size(s). For information on changing cart sizes please call us at (608) 257-4285.

The automated collection program is not intended to provide this type of service. Please see our temporary dumpster page on our website for more information. We offer 6, 12, 20 and 30 cubic yard containers to meet your needs. We recommend calling us prior to the start of your clean-out to set things up.