Don't stop believing (in plastics recycling)

Contrary to some reports, plastics recycling is still a worthwhile thing to do in Madison.

Pellitteri contributes to local non-profit makeover

Pellitteri Waste Systems was honored to donate our dumpster services to this year’s Design For A Difference-Madison project, which provided a free interior makeover to the Common Threads Resource Center.


Village of Windsor selects new waste contractor for 2023

The Windsor Village Board selected Pellitteri Waste Systems as the village's new waste disposal and recycling contractor starting in 2023 in an unanimous vote in their Sept. 15 board meeting.

Madison getting better at recycling, but room for improvement

Madison residents have gotten better at recycling, but they're still putting tons of trash in the green bins.

Recycling plastic has been an uphill challenge. Could chemical recycling change that?

Plastic pollution is a global threat on our lands and seas. Since World War II, we have created over 9 billion cubic tons of it, yet its recycling remains extremely limited.

David Pellitteri Appointed to Wisconsin Waste and Materials Management Study Group

“I am pleased to represent NWRA and the private waste industry on this study group,” said Pellitteri. “I look forward to working with my colleagues on the study group as well as policymakers on important issues affecting the waste and recycling industry.”


Brava Magazine digs into recycling in their April addition of "How to Live More Green". Though it's the third "R" along with reducing and recusing  recycling is important for the planet. Keeping up on city guidelines is thinking globally by acting locally.

Madison no longer accepting plastic grocery bags in bundles in recycling bins.

The plastic can cause problems in sorting equipment, not a strong resell market, Madison Recycling Coordinator says. 

Residential Recycling Swells During Pandemic

Join Channel 27 in exploring the effects of the pandemic on recycling.

Pellitteri Waste Systems & The Village of Oregon Extend Contract And Increase Recycling Pickup To Weekly for Village Residents

As of January 2021, Pellitteri Waste Systems, Southern Wisconsin’s leading independent waste and recycling services provider, started providing weekly recycling to Village of Oregon residents as part of a 10-year extension to the current agreement.

Pellitteri Waste Systems Lands Exclusive 5-Year Agreement Serving the Village of Dane

On January 1st, 2021 Pellitteri Waste Systems, started a new 5-year agreement with the Village of Dane.

Are Batteries Recyclable?

We cannot recycle batteries at our facility. Lithium ion batteries can cause sparks that will start fires in our vehicles and our facility.