Pellitteri Waste Systems Lands Exclusive 5-Year Agreement Serving the Town of New Glarus

On January 4th, 2021 Pellitteri Waste Systems, started a new 5-year agreement with the Town of New Glarus.

Pellitteri Waste Systems Lands Exclusive 10-Year Agreement to Continue Serving Waunakee

On January 4th, 2021 Pellitteri Waste Systems, started a new 10-year agreement with the Village of Waunakee.

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Do you have to remove staples and paper clips before recycling paper?

Wisconsin State Journal's "Just Ask Us" column explores the question, "Do you have to remove staples and paper clips before recycling paper?"

Pellitteri Waste Systems gives tour, look into recycling process

Pellitteri Waste Systems’ Material Recovery Facility (MRF) on Kipp Street processes 15 tons of recyclables each hour, adding up to nearly 60,000 tons of material that is kept out of landfills each year.

Recycling do's and dont's for the holidays

After the gifts have been unwrapped, what packaging can you recycle? David Pellitteri runs through the do's and dont's of holiday recycling.  WMTV NBC15 Article

Madison marks half-century anniversary as nation's first municipal recycling program

Once Matthews has filled his blue truck — which usually happens by about 10 a.m. — he delivers the haul of paper, bottles, cans and cardboard boxes to Pellitteri Waste Services, where a combination of workers and machines separate and bundle the materials for reuse.

'It's just silly to throw plastic straws everywhere': Local restaurants support no plastic straws

Staff at Pellitteri Waste Systems say there's too many people who think plastic straws can be recycled so when they are sorting through items at their facilities, hundreds of plastic straws get caught in their equipment.

David Michael Miller

Stricter import rules in China are adding another complication to Madison’s stressed residential recycling program, which is already dealing with an increase in contaminated materials and a depressed market for recyclable products, say officials.  “As recycling costs are rising, the demand for recycled materials is falling,” says Danielle Pellitteri.

Madison Recycling System sets ambitious goals while educating public on services

Market fluctuations impact what happens in Madison, according to Johnson. China, for example, made changes to the type of scrap material they are willing to import. They also set strict regulations about how much contamination they will accept in the bales of plastic, paper, and other materials that get sold into their country.  

Pellitteri Leads By Example In Sustainability

Pellitteri has expanded its fleet of trucks to include four compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to take advantage of the abundant American-generated natural gas and the growing number of CNG stations – including those popping up at landfills around the country where the gas given off from trash is converted into truck fuel