Waste Not: Technology changes recycling rules

There are still a lot of things going into landfills simply because people don't know they can be recycled. That's because technology keeps changing, adding to things you can put in your recycling cart. Up until recently, most of our recycling got shipped out of town to be sorted, but now there's a new state of the art sorting machine inside Pellitteri Waste Systems in Madison. 

Badger football players help make-over Madison boy's bedroom

Coyle Carpet One, Home Depot, Design Electric, Target, IBM, Silver Leaf Design Gallery and Pellitteri Waste Systems soon stepped forward to contribute their talents, resources and numerous products to outfit the room according to Darien's special vision. 

Madison-based company boosts local recycling, jobs with new facility

Madison residents are recycling more kinds of stuff than ever. And it’s never been easier due to Pellitteri Waste Systems’ new single-stream recycling plant on the city’s Southeast Side, the only operation of its kind and scale in the area.

City to accept more plastic and metal items in recycling bins

The changes come as the city begins a new contract, but this time with local company Pellitteri Waste Systems.  The city has contracted with Houston-based Waste Management Systems for the last 20 years, but Waste Management lost the bidding process to Pellitteri, which is in the process of expanding its recycling facility at 4002 Kipp St. to create the company's first single-stream recycling center.